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SOCOBA Participates in Whitman-Walker’s Walk & 5K to End HIV

As the crisp DC air conditioned the downtown path, we walked onward as a group, hosting banners above our heads and sings of support at our sides. Another step toward the finish line, another step for SOCOBA. By the time the afternoon sun had heated our day, we crossed the finish line filled with joy over the monumental feat of our warm endeavor. Out of genuine gratitude, we say thank you to those who participated in the 30th Annual Whitman-Walker Health Walk and 5K to End HIV on November 12th! Due to your generosity, we reached 160% of our team goal, which will allow us to take a great stride in our ultimate goal of building a youth mobilization center in Mabule, Botswana!

Our partnership with Whitman-Walker Health, an organization based in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated towards advancing health care practices and cultural competencies with HIV care, has generously supported SOCOBA’s mission of working against the stigmatization of HIV and AIDS victims. In a realm of often distanced and dehumanized issues, this Walk and 5K has allowed us all to remind everyone that we belong to each other. Each step of this Walk and 5K was not only a step for SOCOBA’s development but also a step towards finding ourselves in mutuality with those often easily despised and readily left out. Two of SOCOBA’s focus areas are education and transportation, and this walk served as a testament to these pillars of our work. At SOCOBA, we have dedicated ourselves to asking: How can we use education to eliminate hopelessness in areas that receive less attention and resources? How can we foster more effective and efficient modes of transportation to not only enable better health practices but to also foster genuine dialogue and solidarity with those who are marginalized? Walking in solidarity with others, we found a family of supporters in our global fight to end HIV.

While this Walk & 5K has been a monumental stride in our progress as an organization, our walk is not over in our mission of HIV and AIDS work, and you can help us take new strides on our journey. As we look forward to our progression, we are excited to continue our fundraising efforts to build our youth mobilization center in Mabule, Botswana in order to provide supplemental educational programs and health and wellness initiates so that children may be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to live self-reliant and productive lives. As a first step in the construction of our youth center, we are continuing to fundraise to build a fence around our plot of land. This fence will not only symbolize a protected home for children in Mabule, but it will also symbolize a global endeavor in our shared work funded by the generosity of donors from across the world. We invite you to join us on our mission-driven journey, as we seek progress in building this fence. To donate to our cause, please visit our GoFundMe page, where you can contribute towards our fundraising to build a fence around our plot of land in Mabule. Regardless, we appreciate your willingness to listen to our stories, in hope that we may share our collective responsibility in improving our youth.

Update: Sego and Nick Travel to Botswana

This Wednesday, December 14th, SOCOBA co-founders, Nick and Sego Seferian will travel to Mabule, Botswana to check-in with the community and collaborate on future ideas to best advance SOCOBA’s mission. Throughout their journey, we will update you on their work, and through digital media, we are excited to introduce you to some of our friends in Mabule, whom have been beneficiaries of your generosity. Please feel free to offer your thoughts, comments, and ideas on how SOCOBA can advance our mission on this trip!
Happy Holidays!

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“Helping children in need help themselves”

Enjoy these pictures from the Walk & 5K!

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