Community engagement begins with listening

“Children and young people are particularly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection. In a much needed community-based response, SOCOBA’s strategy, to start with village consultation in order to uncover specific needs of the families of children, young people, and targeted schools, is urgent and very appreciated in underserved Mabule. From these focus groups, SOCOBA will have a genuine foundation to help youth begin to elevate themselves and their families, as well as strengthening them to become peer-educators in their community, so that they can spread their received knowledge and commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS.”

-Patience L. Kesamang, Assistant Social Welfare Officer
Goodhope Sub-District Council

Our Aim is to involve the community every step of the way

The involvement with Mabule's young people begins with inquiry from key stakeholders in the village and their opinions on how the individuals and their families are impacted by HIV/AIDS.

The results of the study’s focus groups and key informant interviews will allow SOCOBA to collaborate and design an HIV prevention program that addresses the expressed needs of residents of Mabule. Lessons learned from the research will enable SOCOBA to improve and expand on similar initiatives in neighboring villages.

Our focus groups and key informant interviews primarily aim to:

1. To determine the HIV prevention needs of young people in Mabule.
2. To determine the ways in which stigma is manifested against persons living with HIV/AIDS and living with disabilities in Mabule.
3. To determine how SOCOBA can increase community capacity to address prevention of HIV infection for young people in Mabule.

Secondary aims include:

1. To assess the rates, drivers, and barriers related to teen pregnancy in Mabule.
2. To assess the educational, vocational training, employment, housing, and health needs of youth, orphans, and at-risk young people in Mabule.
3. To assess the educational, vocational training, employment, housing, and health needs of disabled youth in Mabule.

Nick and Sego address the village at a Kgotla meeting.