Communities are the focus of efforts to curb the epidemic and they must be empowered to take control over and improve their own health.
— The Second Botswana National Strategic Framework for HIV and Aids 2010-2016

community based approach

By providing basic life skills, education, and youth empowerment programs and strategies, we believe SOCOBA youth will contribute to the betterment of their respective communities and the development of Botswana as a whole. This requires open collaboration and community partnerships, where SOCOBA’s future goals and activities can strengthen the community and create a unified voice to fight against HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination.

We believe in order to achieve this requires an innovative and collaborative approach that capacitates orphans and at-risk youth children and youth to keep themselves healthy and free from disease, and become able to make life choices that promote an economically contributive future for themselves and to their families. It requires mentoring and solid, lasting relationships that offer loving and caring from people whom they can count on.