Communities are the focus of efforts to curb the epidemic and they must be empowered to take control over and improve their own health.
— The Second Botswana National Strategic Framework for HIV and Aids 2010-2016

Our future youth mobilization center and programming is aligned with Botswana’s National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS II, and aims to strengthen the gaps that exist within this framework. Botswana’s youth face multiple key drivers of HIV transmission including: Multiple and concurrent sexual partners, intergenerational sex, alcohol abuse and high risk behavior, stigma and discrimination, and gender bias and sexual abuse. In response to these challenges, our strategies aim to:

  • Provide effective behavior change education and strategies pertaining to HIV/AIDS transmission, and put an end to misinformation in our communities.

  • 0% new infections amongst our beneficiaries by 2030

  • Provide a safe place for vulnerable youth and adolescents to gather, learn, discuss, and be emboldened with the information they need to make the best decisions for their futures. 

  • Serve as a beacon of hope in a community stigmatized by HIV/AIDS and increase community ownership and participation in youth based programs.

  • Put an end to stigma and discrimination.

  • Develop basic life skills through concrete and sustainable resource developments in partnership between Botswana schools and businesses and schools and businesses in the Washington, DC area.

  • Provide meaningful and measurable evidence that can be used to shape and sustain future strategies, programs, and responses.

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Improving health outcomes through clean water


prevention through community engagement