Water FIrst

Fundraising campaign

WaterDrop Hands.jpg

SOCOBA youth are the unintended inheritors of disease, poverty, and physical disability. The extreme hardship they endured has left many parentless or with living with elderly extended family. Not only do SOCOBA youth have to deal with the hardship of death and loss of parents or siblings, but they also have to continue to live with the stigma and discrimination that oppresses those with disabilities or at-risk face.

Exacerbating these hardships, Mabule Village is facing a water crisis leaving many without consistent and accessible clean water. Through the support of our donors and partners, we have the potential to provide a regular supply of quality water for drinking and agriculture, and take this tremendous burden off their backs. Backing our water initiative will be an exemplary investment with widespread impact and will enable the most disadvantaged in Mabule in numerous ways:

  • Increase in school attendance

  • Create equal opportunities for youth girls who will be able to stay in school and not have to leave to fetch water.

  • Reinvigorate small agricultural enterprises and self-sustaining crop growing resulting in notable economic and social advantages.

  • Food security and safe water and sanitation will reduce incidences of diarrhea, food-borne illnesses, and dehydration, especially in children under 5 years.

  • Improvements in health and hygiene will keep youth in school, ready to learn and reduce stigma and discrimination amongst the neediest.

  • Enhance the quality of life of hundreds of at-risk youth and their families.