in-kind donations

In-kind donations are essential to SOCOBA in so many ways. In the past, generous donations have provided school uniform shoes for school aged youth, and clothing for indigent and at-risk youth.

Most in-kind donations are tax deductible and individuals are generally eligible to deduct up to fifty percent of their adjusted gross income (AGI). However not all donations are eligible. IRS Publication 561 and IRS Publication 526 can serve as a guide as to determining fair market value for your donation, and whether or not it qualifies for tax deduction. We are currently seeking used and in good working condition the following goods:

  • Mobile devices to help as many of our youth connect to our mHealth program.

  • Soccer gear including full team uniforms, cleats, shin guards, and gear bags.

  • Winter jackets in new or very good condition.

  • Business attire for men and women.

Check with your preferred postal carrier and find out special rates for shipments to non-profits. Before shipping, please contact our Donations department for shipping procedures and tax information. Please put In-kind donation in the message window.