Inadequate community structures and a lack of local level ownership has hindered the growth of greatly needed HIV/AIDS response programs in Botswana. Communities must be empowered to take control over their own health outcomes, and SOCOBA is well positioned to facilitate this endeavor. Sego and Nick are prepared and able to engage and lead such efforts in Mabule.
— Festus Mogae, Former President of Botswana


SOCOBA’s mission is to provide HIV/AIDS education and prevention for children and young people at risk and vulnerable in Mabule and surrounding villages in Botswana.

our vision

We envision Botswana’s children and young people to be in control of their own personal health and wellbeing.

Founding principles


Sego and Nick report directly to Mabule’s kgotla, or traditional governing body and court, regarding the needs of the community. They are well integrated into the community, and they receive input at all levels, from Chief Kgosi Tiro to the youth. SOCOBA places a premium on village accountability, to donors, and to the youth of Mabule.


SOCOBA leadership is connected to the people of the Mabule and to other NGOs working in education and public health sectors in Botswana. SOCOBA has signed memorandums of understanding with a variety of key NGOs in Botswana, including the African Comprehensive AIDS Partnership (ACHAP), Botswana Baylor Childrens Clinical Center of Excellence (COE), the disability department in the Office of the President, as well as support from the Botswana Department of Water Affairs towards our water initiative.


Sego and Nick have a long history of development ties to Mabule. They spent years doing community service work in the village, Nick through the Peace Corps, where he constructed a community hall for the youth while teaching English, and Sego through government service (Tirelo Sechaba) as a village reporter. They have maintained strong ties to the community and are committed to providing relevant, tailored services to the youth of Mabule.

core values

Our principled beliefs are centered around 5 values which drive our endeavors:

  • Empowerment— instilling the confidence to create a foundation for self-reliance and stability.

  • Resiliencefostering the will to persevere in the face of adversity.

  • Respect— recognizing every person’s dignity of self and every person within the community.

  • Empathy—understanding other’s struggle and showing compassion.

  • Hope —realizing the possibility of creating a future free from HIV/AIDS orphans and       vulnerable children and youth